Boston Painting Contractors That Know 2020 Color Trends

Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior, exterior or commercial, finding painting contractors in Boston that you can rely on can be an overwhelming process. However, now that you’ve found the team at Metrowest Painting, you can have peace of mind that you’re in good hands! As one of the top painting companies in Massachusetts, we understand that your home or business is an investment.

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality craftsmanship as well as service to exceed your expectations.  However, to do so, we also understand that staying on top of industry trends is a must! So, if you’re considering giving your space a new look this spring, here’s a look at the top painting trends for 2020, according to a recent article by Better Homes and Gardens!

Rich Earth Tones

Whether you’re looking for a completely new look or a subtle highlight to an accent wall, rich earth tones are the perfect solution in almost any environment.  During these already stressful times, earth tones are the perfect way to unplug. With bold shades of browns or deep olive greens the earthly undertones will create a soothing feeling as you enter the room and connect to nature.

Soothing Pastels

Staying in line with creating harmony to your space, people can also expect to see an abundance of soft pastels. Although this color palette isn’t a new trend, it’s holding strong while creating a quieter vibe within the home and small businesses.

Muted Colors

As premier painting contractors in Boston, our team gets a lot of requests for trendy bold colors. However, instead of the previously bold bursts of color throughout companies and homes, this year color is taking it down a few notches. While color is still in high demand, the movement towards softer, muted shades is taking the forefront.

Moody Blues

When it comes to shades of blues, this year, expect to see more of the dark and stormy shades.  For example, Sherwin Williams 2020 color of the year, Naval, is a timeless classic. This midnight blue adds elegance and depth to any room.  Combined with pops of white, your environment will look sophisticated in no time at all.

Warmed Up Neutrals

If you’re not the bold type, that’s okay too! Neutrals will always be present when it comes to both interior and exterior painting of businesses and residential homes. However, 2020 is focusing on a more balanced neutral undertone of beiges, tans, and warmer grays. If you’re looking for a subtle hint of color, be sure to check out this slideshow with tips on decorating in neutrals.

No matter what type of painting project you have in mind, finding trusted painting contractors in Boston is a must-do.  Without experience and know-how, your project could end in disaster! Stop stressing and contact our team at Metrowest Painting today.  With the industry experience that your project deserves, our team is sure to surpass even your highest expectations! Contact our team today at (508) 393-0000.

Understanding Residential Painting Finishes. Which One Does Your Home Require?

As a premier residential painting company in Massachusetts, our team at Metrowest Painting has serviced hundreds of homes across the metro Boston area.  With so many homes under our belt, we’ve heard all kinds of questions. However, there’s one question that stands out more than others when it comes to homeowners.  That question, which type of paint finish is best for my home?

Choosing interior paint for your home involves more than color selection. Knowing the different finishes and how they function is crucial to the integrity of your walls.  For example, a high-traffic bathroom requires a different finish than a low key guest bedroom. In this article, we’re taking a look at the different types of interior finishes and where they’re best applied.


Also known as matte finish, flat finishes provide a nonreflective surface.  Although this may be the finish you’re envisioning, if you’re a high-traffic, kid-oriented home, you may want to reconsider.  When considering all of the available options, flat finishes are the hardest to clean. Thus, if your walls are fingerprint, scribble, or dirt prone, you’ll be looking at repainting the surface to be rid of the marks.

However, if the above doesn’t apply, flat finishes may be the perfect option for you! Easily applied and generally lower in cost, this paint is perfect.  Furthermore, the absorption of light allows this paint to effectively hide blemishes on the surface of the wall.


If you’re looking for a finish that provides more durability than flat but isn’t shiny, eggshell may be the solution for you.  More compatible with medium-traffic areas, eggshell finishes can be wiped with a wet towel for cleaning. This type of finish is standard in dining and living rooms.


Continuing on, a satin finish is washable but not scrubbable. Providing homeowners with a velvety look, satin finishes are commonly used for windows, doors, trims, and ceilings.  However, this finish can also be applied to walls.


We’ve finally reached the category that includes bathrooms and kitchens.  Semi-gloss is the first finish our team recommends for these two areas for a few different reasons.  The first, semi-gloss is scrubbable! Thus, these messy rooms are easily kept up to par without compromising surface integrity.  With a nice, subtle shine homeowners are provided with an ideal solution for high-traffic, messy areas of the home.


With the most reflective properties, high-gloss finishes are common for bathrooms and areas that require attention.  With a polished look, this type of finish is growing in popularity with cabinetry and trim work.

When it comes to residential painting, it’s always best to consult with a team of trusted professionals before tackling any project.  Every home is different, every situation is unique, and our team at Metrowest Painting has the expertise to guide you to a long-lasting solution that you’re proud to call home.  Contact our team today to schedule your consultation (508) 393-0000.