A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Home for Professional Painters

What Are the Steps Involved in Setting Up a Home Before Professional Painting?

Painting the interior or exterior of your home can be a daunting task. Understanding the steps you need to take in order to ensure that the painting job is done correctly and efficiently will make it easier and less stressful. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to prepare your house for professional painting. From cleaning surfaces to patching holes and cracks, we will discuss the necessary steps involved in setting up a home before professional painting.

How to Prepare the Interior of Your Home for Professional Painters

Preparing the interior of your home for professional painters is an important step to ensure that the job is done right and looks great. To get the best results, it’s important to take some steps before the professionals arrive. This includes cleaning walls, removing wallpaper, filling any holes or cracks, and removing any furniture or items that may be in the way. Taking these extra steps will help ensure a smooth painting process and a great final result.

What Exterior Preparation is Needed Before Professional Painters Arrive?

Preparing your home’s exterior for a professional painting job is an important step in achieving the best possible results. It takes time and effort to make sure that the outside walls are properly cleaned and prepped before the painters arrive, but it is well worth it in the end. We suggest cleaning all walls or trim and removing any blocking landscaping shrubbery or trees that might touch the walls. If there are areas of damage to the exterior walls we also suggest that you have those repaired prior to the pros showing up.

Painting in cold weather

For the purposes of painting, cold weather is generally defined as temperatures below 50 degrees. In New England weather drops below that temperature regularly starting in October but you can get some exterior painting done if certain rules are followed.

What Cold Does to Paint

Temperatures below 50 degrees can have a variety of harmful effects on paint and paint application. Alkyd and oil-based paints are made with oils and resins that become more viscous at lower temperatures which can make it very difficult to apply the paint evenly or smoothly. Water-based, or “latex,” paints are made with water and are thus are susceptible to freezing in cold weather.

Both alkyd/oil and water-based paints are formulated to cure within a specific temperature range and may not cure properly at temperatures below that range. Improper curing can lead to a number of problems, including poor coverage, blushing, peeling, bubbling, cracking, low sheen, and color inconsistency.

Is Previously Frozen Paint Usable?

Water-based paint that has gone through several freeze-thaw cycles may still be usable, but not always. If a previously frozen paint is lumpy and will not mix to a smooth consistency, it is no longer usable. This indicates that the paint has lost its ability to emulsify and is incapable of curing properly. Water-based paint freezes at 32 degrees, while oil-based paint is much more resistant to freezing but can still have difficulties with lower temperatures.

Recoating in Cold Weather

Cold weather slows the drying time of both alkyd/oil- and water-based paints. This means that recoat times are also extended. For example, at an ideal temperature of 75 degrees, you can usually recoat after four hours. But when the temperature is about 50 degrees, the recoat time may be extended to six hours. Painting in cold weather using alkyd or oil paints requires even more time—in some instances, more than 48 hours before recoating. This is an important consideration when painting the exterior of a house.

Note that direct sunlight or shade can cause surface temperatures to vary between different areas on the same structure. In cooler temperatures, the sun can have an even more dramatic impact on the temperature of the structure.

The Best Paints for Cold Weather

Many major paint manufacturers offer special paints that are formulated for cold weather. Most of these are rated for temperatures no lower than 35 degrees. It’s best to use one of these paints if your project must be completed in cold weather. A paint that’s designed for lower curing temperatures is more reliable and will give better results than standard paints mixed with additives for freeze-resistance or thinned for easier application.

Note that the temperature must be at or above the minimum recommended curing temperature for the entire curing process, not just during application. If you add a fresh coat of paint in 45-degree weather, but then the weather turns colder an hour later, the paint may not cure properly even though it will eventually dry. Adding coats can be very challenging as the temperatures fall in the later afternoon or evening.

Tracking the Weather and the Sun

Before beginning work on your project, check local forecasts and find a stretch of a few days when temperatures will be their highest and the sun will be out. You’ll need to have a few days in a row when temperatures don’t drop below the minimum for the paint you are using because you also need to factor in drying time for multiple coats.

The Best Time to Paint your House

How does weather impact your exterior painting project?

When you have variations in weather it impacts the quality of a paint job. Exterior surfaces that are wet or very warm impact how well the paint will adhere to the surface. Metrowest Painting knows the best way to mitigate these issues and also when it is best to paint your house.

In addition, the environment that the house sits in will also impact the painting process. Trees that are close to the house or overshadowing the house will impact the drying of the paint. Sometimes it is a matter of knowing what time of year to do the painting. Early Spring and later Fall might help since leaves will not be blocking the warming sun.

Wind and other daily weather concerns can also impact the process and timing to maximize the end result for your project. Painting in wind over 8 to 10 miles an hour can create blistering or cracking in the paint so Metrowest knows to not do exterior painting in those conditions.

Overall, it is important to know the impact of weather when you initiate your project so you have reasonable expectations. Just know that Metrowest will address your project in the best possible time to make sure your project is not only beautiful but lasts.

Your Local Westford Painting Company Talks Interior Paint Myths

Here at your local Westford Painting Company, we’ve seen almost every color of interior paint you can imagine! While there are always a few paint colors that remain a staple for every interior space (we’re looking at you, white paint), exceptions can be made. At Metrowest Painting, we believe that every style deserves a good shade of paint, and we’re here to reveal three myths on interior paint according to the designers!

Myth 1: Trim Should Always Be Painted White

Absolutely not! Trim can add depth when painted in contrast to the walls of your interior space. This can be done with different tones, as well as with wallpaper accents. Try using a darker shade on your trim and a lighter tone on your walls for depth. Or, pick a specific color from your chosen wallpaper for a pop of whimsy!

Myth 2: Dark Painted Rooms Look Smaller

While this may be true in some spaces, there is a way to create the look of space while painting a room in a darker shade. Here are a few tips for painting your space in a dark color:

  • Paint the trim and the walls the same color to give the illusion of a larger space. This is thanks to the color making the corners recede or disappear.
  • Choose colors that are rich and comfortable in tone, like green, cool gray, or navy.
  • Pick a room with a lot of natural light, or add light-shaded accents.


Myth 3: Every Room Needs A Different Color

Make your home flow with a continuous color scheme in every room. While some prefer to have different colors in each room, it’s acceptable to paint the entire interior space with one color throughout.  As a bonus tip, not all walls need to match either! Drawing attention to one wall adds a great contrast or can highlight an architectural feature such as a fireplace or a mural.

Trust the Professionals At Your Local Westford Painting Company

At Metrowest Painting, our team can provide your interior with an updated and clean look. Whether you need a change in paint color or intend to list your home, our residential painters will quickly turn your home into a top-dollar property that people desire.

Need to bring your space to life with a new paint color? Contact Metrowest Painting to schedule your consultation or give us a call at (508) 393-0000.

Commercial Painters Boston: Boost Your Business

While the quality of your services and products keep your customers coming back, getting them through the door is something else. Now that businesses are open for business once again, getting customers through your door is more important than ever. So how do you beat the competition and get customers into your business? Metrowest Painting has the answer: commercial painters in Boston. Exterior commercial painting can boost your business and make potential customers better aware of your business. If they can see you, they’ll know both where you are and what you do.

Here are some ways a new paint job can help your business.

Attract New Customers

If your business relies on walk-ins or people noticing you as they drive by, a good exterior paint job is indispensable. Customers unfamiliar with your business are unlikely to go in a building or storefront that looks shoddy or run down. By simply repainting your building’s exterior, you can give your business a whole new life. As commercial painters in Boston, our team at Metrowest knows how to transform your tired storefront into an attractive business that will entice customers to wander in.

Promote Your Brand

In our previous post on commercial painting, we mentioned that certain brands are associated with a single color. Lowe’s is blue, Home Depot is orange, Target is red. Using color consistently across your company’s branding is a great way to increase your visibility and attract customers. You’ve thought about think about how you use color in your company’s logo, merchandise, menus, and advertising. But have your considered the building itself? If you have the freedom to do so, painting the exterior to match your company’s brand makes you memorable and stand out from the competition.

And Your Rebrand

An exterior paint job can be a key element in a company rebrand as well. After a while, your company’s logo, printed materials, and general style starts to look out of date. If you change your company’s color scheme as a part of that rebrand, updating your building’s façade will make your company’s update look cohesive and attract new customers. Giving your business a facelift can help bring previous customers back in. Reminding people in your community that you are there and open for business can bring customers back in who haven’t visited you in a while.

Metrowest: Commercial Painters in Boston

If you’re looking to get your business booming again, professional commercial painters in Boston can give you the boost you need. Metrowest Painting has decades of experience and is ready to give your business the new look it needs.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

3 Benefits Commercial Painters Provide to Your Property

As a business owner, you know that everything you do becomes part of your investment. From everyday decision making to providing a service, each and every piece counts. How you present your property is no exception. At Metrowest Painting, we understand that you’ve worked hard to bring your business to the level it has reached. That said, our commercial painters are here to help you continue reaching new heights.

Here, we are delving into commercial painting – interior and exterior – and how making the investment can help bring your business to the next level.

Good First Impressions

Take a moment and think about the last time you were driving around a commercial setting. Chances are, some buildings grabbed your attention more than others. With the right team of commercial painters by your side, you can be confident that your business will be one of the ones that stands out from the crowd. Why is this important? Well, first impressions are generally lasting impressions – so making them a good one is imperative. Not only is this true for customers that are arriving, but also for people that may potentially become customers in the future.

Brand Promotion

Every business had its identity. For example, think of the retail giant Lowe’s. When you think of the outside of the building, one color comes to mind – blue. Likewise, the competitor, Home Depot, has the color orange. These companies have utilized commercial painting into their brand identity to become recognizable to nearly everyone driving by. While your company may not be a powerhouse like the two above mentioned, there is no reason that you shouldn’t stand out as well. Whether it is one color or three, your professional painters can create an innovative plan to help your brand be seen.

Happier Employees

So far we’ve discussed the exterior of your company. Now that you know why this is important in several different ways, it is time to talk about the interior of your company. First impressions and branding in mind, your painting choice makes a big difference on the overall vibe of the daily activities.  Take a company like Wayfair – vibrant purples, greens, and yellows are incorporated into their branding. However, the company took this and brought it indoors as well. Creating a fun environment that inspires, chances are, you will see an increase in productivity.


Now that your creative juices are flowing, it’s time to contact the top-rated commercial painters in Massachusetts, Metrowest Painting. With decades of experience, our team is here to help you bring your company to the next level.

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Tips from Residential Painters: Shades of White

So, you’re planning to repaint a few walls of your home white. While some may think that white walls are boring and bland, they don’t have to be! A home filled with crisp, white walls can feel modern and fresh to be in. Plus, any decor you add to your home will pop. Metrowest Painting is here to help you choose the right shade of white paint for your home space as professional residential painters.

Why go white?

There are a few reasons why you should consider painting the rooms in your home white. First, if you enjoy the minimalist aesthetic, white walls play heavily into that. Thus, you can accent your few prized furniture and decor pieces. This way, they aren’t overshadowed by the color of the room itself.   Furthermore, if you’re planning to eventually move out and sell your home, white walls are ideal. Many buyers prefer a blank canvas, so they can make the new place their own without the added cost of doing it themselves.

White for different rooms

If you want to go all out, you can choose different shades of white that fit each room specifically. Does that sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. Essentially, you’ll be taking the sun into consideration and choosing your shade of white paint around that. Here’s the breakdown.

Rooms with little sunlight

If you’re painting a north-facing room, you’ve probably noticed that they don’t see much sun. As a result, they give off cooler vibes due to the increased grey-toned light. Thus, if you want to make the room feel warm and cozy, a warm tinted white paint will be ideal. This way, you can brighten the entire room without the gray, drab ambiance.

Rooms with a lot of sunlight

Rooms that see sun all day long tend to be bright and feel significantly warmer than rooms without a lot of sunlight. But that’s a pretty obvious statement. You can take advantage of the bright space and bring it down just a notch if that’s your goal. If you choose cool-toned white paint, the room will feel slightly less yellow or warm on those bright, sunny days.

The expert residential painters

At Metrowest Painting, we take pride in offering our customers the highest quality craftsmanship and services, every time. Save yourself the trouble and give our team a call next time you need residential painters! We promise you’ll be happy you did!

Get That New Kitchen Look with Residential Painters!

With the real estate market at an all-time high, sellers are looking for ways to increase the value of their homes quickly and affordably. As the number one residential painters in Massachusetts, our professionals at Metrowest Painting are also feeling the effects of a booming market. Why? Well, because, with a few painting touches in your kitchen, you can quickly achieve that fresh, upgraded looking buyers want. Here, we’re offering a few considerations when it comes to jazzing up your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint.

Dirty walls? No, thank you.

One of the most apparent changes you can make to any area of the home, including the kitchen, is painting the walls. Let’s face it, in high-traffic areas (like the kitchen), walls get dirty. With a fresh coat of paint you can quickly erase the mess and obtain the clean look buyers want to see. This is also the perfect opportunity to reconsider the type of finish you’re using. For example, if your kitchen currently has a matte finish, you may notice that it’s not so easy to clean – not really a desirable feature in a high-traffic area prone to spills and other messes. Instead, you could swap to a gloss or high-gloss that allows for easy cleaning.

Let’s talk about those cabinets.

Another area of the kitchen that makes a significant difference when painted is your cabinets. Often, kitchens are one of the most outdated areas of the home. However, kitchens can also sell a home. With the assistance of experienced residential painters, you can spruce up your outdated kitchen to one that buyers go into bidding wars over. Depending on the aesthetic of the home and other details in the kitchen, you may want to consider sticking with a neutral color. However, going bold is always fun. There is no right or wrong answer here, especially when you have a team of experts to provide their advice. Just remember, what’s fun for you may be a complete turnoff for a potential buyer. If you plan on selling, sticking to a clean modern look is always the best path.

At Metrowest Painting, our team can provide your kitchen with an updated and clean look. Whether you need a change or intend to list your home, our residential painters will quickly turn your home into a top-dollar property that people desire.

Contact Metrowest Painting to schedule your consultation (508) 393-0000.

Office Painting: Uninspiring to Motivational Spaces

While many people head back into the office, many more continue working from home. Either way, having a team that provides superior office painting services is a must. Why? Well, no matter where you work, staying motivated can be challenging without the right atmosphere. Painting provides one of the quickest ways to transform any space from dull and unmotivating into one that speaks to our soul. At Metrowest Painting, our team takes great pride in offering superior residential and commercial office painting services to help keep your employees, and yourself, motivated. Here is a look at a few of our top color choices when taking the leap away from the traditional white and off-white hues.

Go Blue

They say blue is a relaxing, calming color. However, depending on the shade you take, it can also bring life to a dull environment. Thus, you have a versatile solution that fits well in any office space with any goal. Either way, blue is said to clear the mind of distraction – sure seems like a logical choice from this end!

Earthy Tones

Similar to blue, earthy tones of various green also create a distraction-free, soothing environment to get stuff done! Whether it’s a deep forest or vibrant green grass color you opt for, your workspace will quickly provide the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for!

Sometimes, life calls for neutral tones.

And then, there are the neutral tones. However, we’re not talking about those already white walls. Instead, adding hues of grays create a modern look and feel that some desire. Furthermore, with a neutral palette, you are allotted the opportunity to add splashes of color with your décor selections. Thus, when you tire of the space, simply switch up the décor, and you’ll have yourself an entirely new feel!

Whether in-home or in a commercial setting, if your office is asking for a refresher, it’s time to call Metrowest Painting. Our experienced professionals take the time to meet with every client to ensure the ultimate office painting services available. From bright yellows to deep gray, we have the solutions your workspace needs!

Contact Metrowest Painting to schedule your consultation (508) 393-0000.

2 Reasons To Hire Summer Exterior Painters In MA

Now that the warm weather is here, you might be thinking it’s a great time to paint the exterior of your home the color you want finally. Of course, painting the outside is a little bit more weather-dependent than interior painting. Thus, exterior painters in MA have to worry about humidity and heat throughout the summer months. Regardless, is summer still the best time to get your outdoor painting done? Here’s the scoop from the experts at Metrowest Painting & Contracting, Inc. 

Best Weather

Naturally, you can assume the best weather for exterior painting is when the weather is clear! In order for the paint to dry correctly, you need warm and dry days. Ideally, the weather will be warm for at least a few days before the scheduled painting day. Therefore, your home’s siding will be fully dry. If the siding is damp, it can affect the curing process. Also, clear weather is beneficial for a day or two after the exterior painting as well. This will allow the paint to cure properly. The last thing you want is cracking or peeling! Early summer and early fall are the ideal times to hire exterior painters in MA. It offers the best weather conditions, on average.

Best Temperature

The rule of thumb with exterior painting ensures it’s also not too hot or too cold. There’s an acceptable temperature range for most types of paints. If it’s too cold, the paint won’t be able to dry and cure correctly. However, when the temperature is too high, it can cause the paint to cure incorrectly as well. Extreme heat can result in paint drying almost immediately after being applied and affect the finished look. This is another reason why early summer and early are a great time to paint the outside of your home! Also, you want to make sure the daytime and nighttime temperatures are going to be comparable. This is so drastic temperature fluctuations don’t cause issues in the drying process overnight.

Metrowest’s Exterior Painters in MA

Our team at Metrowest Painting & Contracting, Inc. understands how important the appearance of the outside of your home is. Therefore, we want to provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship. With nearly a decade of experience, our exterior painters in MA will guarantee the job will be done on time and within budget. For more information or a free estimate, visit our website or call us at (508) 393-0000.