Your Local Westford Painting Company Talks Interior Paint Myths

Here at your local Westford Painting Company, we’ve seen almost every color of interior paint you can imagine! While there are always a few paint colors that remain a staple for every interior space (we’re looking at you, white paint), exceptions can be made. At Metrowest Painting, we believe that every style deserves a good shade of paint, and we’re here to reveal three myths on interior paint according to the designers!

Myth 1: Trim Should Always Be Painted White

Absolutely not! Trim can add depth when painted in contrast to the walls of your interior space. This can be done with different tones, as well as with wallpaper accents. Try using a darker shade on your trim and a lighter tone on your walls for depth. Or, pick a specific color from your chosen wallpaper for a pop of whimsy!

Myth 2: Dark Painted Rooms Look Smaller

While this may be true in some spaces, there is a way to create the look of space while painting a room in a darker shade. Here are a few tips for painting your space in a dark color:

  • Paint the trim and the walls the same color to give the illusion of a larger space. This is thanks to the color making the corners recede or disappear.
  • Choose colors that are rich and comfortable in tone, like green, cool gray, or navy.
  • Pick a room with a lot of natural light, or add light-shaded accents.


Myth 3: Every Room Needs A Different Color

Make your home flow with a continuous color scheme in every room. While some prefer to have different colors in each room, it’s acceptable to paint the entire interior space with one color throughout.  As a bonus tip, not all walls need to match either! Drawing attention to one wall adds a great contrast or can highlight an architectural feature such as a fireplace or a mural.

Trust the Professionals At Your Local Westford Painting Company

At Metrowest Painting, our team can provide your interior with an updated and clean look. Whether you need a change in paint color or intend to list your home, our residential painters will quickly turn your home into a top-dollar property that people desire.

Need to bring your space to life with a new paint color? Contact Metrowest Painting to schedule your consultation or give us a call at (508) 393-0000.

Author : Metrowest Painting
Author : Metrowest Painting

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