7 Top Questions Asked About Interior Painting

While many Americans remain at home, the DIYers are coming out in full force. While we take our hats off to you, it’s also critical to research the project you’re having a go at thoroughly. For example, many homeowners opt to save a few dollars bypassing professional interior painters and tackling the project themselves. Although the word painting may spark childhood memories, our team at Metrowest Painting is here to set the record straight. From preparing drywall to choosing the right type of finish, we’ve compiled the top ten questions we’re often asked by our customers, friends, and even family!

  1. Do I need to clean my walls before painting?

Although you don’t have to wash your walls and trim before painting, it is a good idea. Taking the extra time to remove dust, grime, and other elements will ensure a smoother, uniformed look. You’re about to revamp your interior space, taking short cuts now is not the best idea.

  1. Is primer worth the cost and time?

Priming your walls can add to your budget and overall project time. However, if you’re dealing with a bare or porous surface, priming is a necessity. If you’re covering a dark color, adding a coat or two of primer will eliminate bleeds. And, lucky for you, many companies now manufacture self-priming paint!

  1. How do I know which type of finish will work best in my home?

The journey of selecting a finish starts with considering the room. Where are you painting and what is the traffic like? A bedroom generally requires a different finish than a bathroom or kitchen. Be sure to check out our previous article for an in-depth look at understanding residential finishes.

  1. How much paint should I buy?

There’s no simple answer to this question. You’ll want to consider the square footage minus doorways and windows and the current color of the wall. Check out this calculator from the Spruce for a guided recommendation.

  1. Does it matter how I paint my walls?

When it comes to novice versus professional interior painters, technique is everything. Knowing how to hold the paintbrush, apply paint, and which direction to smooth the paint takes practice.

  1. Should I paint the walls or the trim first?

Like most elements of the painting process, this answer depends on multiple factors. For example, if you’re not on the professional level, you’ll probably want to start with your walls. This makes cleaning drips of your trim work easier. However, if you’re using tape, you may consider starting with the trim.

  1. When do I know it’s time to call my local professional team of interior painters?

At the first signs that your project is no longer fun, it’s time to throw in the towel. Painting is a big job requiring attention to many details – and, if not executed properly will be there for everyone to see.

Now that you’re in the know, we’d like to take this moment to remind you that our team is here and ready to assist with your interior painting projects! Although ambition is wonderful, professional interior painters are experienced and knowledgeable in the field. Our team at Metrowest Painting will complete your next project quickly and efficiently without the DIY hassle.

For more information, or to schedule your consultation, contact our team at Metrowest Painting today (508) 393-0000!

Author : Metrowest Painting
Author : Metrowest Painting

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