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Now more than ever, homeowners need a change. While many people have returned to work, thousands continue to work (and learn) remotely. So nearly one year after the pandemic starts, it’s safe to say that those remaining at home need a change. As some of the top Boston painters, our team at Metrowest Painting understands that painting provides the fresh look at many crave. However, a full makeover is not always in the budget or the timeframe given. Enter accent colors. Whether interior or exterior, accent colors add that pop of color and dimension to transform any space! Here is a look at our top choices.

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Since so many of us have been stuck indoors, staring at the same walls, let’s start with interior painting. Interior accent colors add depth and interest to any room, any space, no matter what the overall aesthetic of your home may be. It’s important to consider the vibe you’re looking to achieve, and the elements of your room when deciding which accent is right for your home.  


Yes, you read that correctly. White – probably the last thing you expected to read about in this article, but bear with us. White accents are an awesome choice in homes with dark walls. Dark browns, blues, and greens, quickly gain an added pop when homeowners incorporate a crisp white on moldings and door trims.

Empty brown room with window and white coffered ceiling – 3d rendering


No matter which shade of blue you go with, this color adds cool undertones and calming vibes. Blues tend to be a perfect choice for reading rooms and bedrooms.


However, if you’re looking for the opposite effect, you may want to go with yellow. Brightening any space with warm, happy vibes, yellow is a sure way to lift spirits. That said, yellow can quickly overtake a space and create the opposite of what’s intended. Sometimes, it’s best to consult with experienced Boston painters before choosing that ‘perfect color.’

As mentioned, when choosing your accent color, you need to consider the room as a whole. What color accents do you already have? From curtains to throw pillows, picture frames to throw rugs unless you’re planning on purchasing new items, these things play a big part in the overall choice!   If you’re tired of looking at the same old walls, it’s time you give the number one Boston painters a call. At Metrowest Painting, our team is happy to discuss the best accents to help freshen up your home! Give us a call today for more information (508) 393-0000.

Author : Metrowest Painting
Author : Metrowest Painting

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