Painting Contractors in Boston are Gearing Up For 2021

As a premier choice for painting contractors in Boston, our team here at Metrowest Painting is excited about 2021! Why? Well, let’s start with the recent announcement by Sherwin Williams on their predictions for the newest trends. Choosing the best color for your interior needs can be a challenge. However, these 40 hues spread across four palettes celebrate the balance between life’s fast pace and the quieter moments. So, what can you expect to see in 2021? We promise these colors will do anything but disappoint.

Sanctuary: Palette 1

Rooted in the idea of nature, sanctuary “focuses on the connection that the natural world has to nurturing wellness and calm.” From pearl gray to pure white, canyon clay to urbane bronze, the quiet, minimalist colors of this palette are sure to bring peace after a hectic day.

Encounter: Palette 2

Focusing on heirlooms and the stories they tell, encounter provides a modern bohemian aesthetic with rich earthy tones. These colors take “visual cues from the past’s humble beginning, speak to the present and guide the path forward.” From blustery sky to reddened Earth, this color palette will quickly bring stress to an end.

Continuum: Palette 3

Smart living and technology blending into the lives of people is what continuum is all about. “The palette takes its cues from the hybrid of synthetic and natural, sea and space, and sculptural modernism and minimalism.” From bright lilac to inky commodore, this palette is undoubtedly an eye-catcher.

Tapestry: Palette 4

We get it, bright hues and neutral shades aren’t for everyone. Lucky for you, we have tapestry. This palette is focused on creative expression and happiness.  Filled with vibrant hues like periwinkle, enjoyable yellow, and Jaipur pink, you’re sure to smile when checking out this variety.

And there you have it, the upcoming colors for 2021! Next time you’re looking for painting contractors in Boston, contact a team that is on top of recent trends! At Metrowest Painting, we take pride in bringing our customers from outdated and dull to modern and exciting. To schedule your color consultation with our team of professionals, contact Metrowest Painting today at (508) 393-0000.

Author : Metrowest Painting
Author : Metrowest Painting

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